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Tree Planting at the Salvation Army Primary School for the Blind, Thika - NOVEMBER 11th, 2012

Members of the sponsor family planting a tree seedling

Broadway Group of Companies, with the aid of the Hindu Religious and Service Centre (HRSC) and the Hindu Council of Kenya, sponsored a tree planting project that took place on Sunday 11th November, 2012. The project involved planting 1,500 fruit treesat the Salvation Army Primary School for the Blind, Thika and was carried out as part of a celebration that marked 100 years since the family of Fulchand Lakhamshi Shah settled in Thika.

HRSC began planting trees in 2005 and has since planted over 60,000 trees with an average survival rate of 85%. In Ndakaini Dam alone, a major catchment area providing approximately 70% of Nairobi’s water, HRSC has planted 20,000 trees with a survival rate of 95% and what the project has done to the surrounding area is a sight to be seen and behold.

Volunteers aged between 18 months and 81 years from both Nairobi and Thika helped in planting the trees, which had been specially grafted to ensure good survival rates. Upon arrival, everyone was struck by the collaboration between the children who were completely blind and those that had slight vision. We saw children walking in groups of two or three, with one child guiding and supporting the others. All the children energetically carried the tree saplings to the different planting locations depending on the type of tree they were carrying.
The sponsoring family of Fulchand Lakhamshi Shah (Broadway Group of Companies) planted the first few ceremonial trees, after which everyone dispersed and started planting trees in small groups. The 1,500 trees planted included 350 mango trees, 350 avocado trees, 300 banana trees and 500 papaya trees.
The vision behind this project is to make the school self sufficient in a significant portion of their nutritional needs, with the added potential to sell the surplus fruit in the market to raise funds for other requirements.
After completing the tree planting, Mr. Bimal Shah of Broadway Bakery Ltd (part of the sponsoring family) remarked on how well the event had been organized and that his entire family was proud to be associated with it. He stated that the mango trees planted by his grandfathers still provide the family with fruit today. It is with the same sincere hope that he expects that the trees planted will nourish the school students for generations to come.
An old Hindu tradition states that all Hindus should plant two trees in their lifetime – one which will be used for their cremation and one to leave for future generations. Let us all join hands to continue this drive. On behalf of the Fulchand Lakhamshi family, Broadway Group of Companies would like to sincerely thank everyone involved in this project, especially the members of the Hindu Religious and Service Centre and the Hindu Council of Kenya. We hope to continue working with such organisations in order to build a greener and more pleasant environment.


Volunteers from all involved organisations

To view more photos from the event, click here


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