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We at Broadway Bakery have a wide range of bread to meet all your needs. We bake Broadways Bread in an environment of high hygiene and we pack it when it is still fresh. Our range of bread includes several types and sizes of White Bread and Brown Bread, depending on your preference.
We recognize that some of our customers prefer unsliced bread. We have retained our original offer of unsliced bread to customers who prefer their loaves in that form. However, we still avail sliced bread for the rest of our customers who enjoy the convenience of handling bread in sliced form.

To meet the needs of the all our customers, we pack bread in several sizes. You can get Broadways Bread in 200g and 400g packaging. If you have a very large family, or if you need bread for big occasions, then you can choose between the Broadways 800g and the 1500g sizes.

We have now introduced Natural wheat brown bread unsliced 200g and 400g.


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