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Sandwich Bread

All our sandwich bread is closed top.

New Seneta Bread 400g
With a new republic and a new constitution, we have celebrated with the introduction of a new loaf called Seneta, a “CLOSED TOP” SQUARE SANDWICH BREAD, a little sweeter than our low sugar bread and designed for families packing sandwiches for their children and themselves.  

Broadways Premium Sandwich Bread, 400g “Original”
The Broadways Premium Sandwich Bread is the “original” Broadways Bread. This brand is ideal for making sandwiches. However, there is nothing to stop you from using it for your daily needs. Broadways Sandwich bread is rich in energy and ideal for the young and growing.

Broadways Sliced White Sandwich Bread, 800g
Has your family outgrown the normal bread size? The Broadways Sliced White Sandwich Bread is available to meet your new needs. The 800g bread is also ideal for making bread sandwiches when you have big events and celebrations.

Broadways Sandwich Bread, 1500g [Family Bread]
The Broadways 1500g white Sandwich Bread is the largest bread packaging available from Broadway Bakery. It is the ideal bread for large functions, big family reunions or for families that cannot afford to run out of bread!


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