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Press Release: Sugar-stimulated diabetes striking Kenyans as young as 16 years

With Kenyans now consuming twice as much sugar as is safe, Type 2 diabetes – caused by excessive sugar consumption and poor lifestyles - is striking Kenyans as young as 16 years old. 5 per cent of Kenyans in their 20s are now suffering from the permanent and debilitating condition, which causes comas, blindness, leg amputations and kidney failure.

Traditionally a condition of the elderly, the disease, which half of sufferers do not even know they have until it’s too late, is now striking out Kenyan youth in ever rising numbers, prompting a coalition of health campaigners and bodies led by Broadway Bakery Ltd. to launch a three-day free diabetes testing drive to mark World Diabetes Day, this year falling on Monday 14th November.

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Every Kenyan is suffering on the country’s explosion in lifestyle diseases.
Every Kenyan has lost a family member or close friend to lifestyle diseases, according to a survey released today by Broadway Bakery Limited as part of its drive to move Kenyans towards adopting a healthier lifestyle and cutting sugar consumption.
The survey conducted in August this year questioned 241 Kenyans aged between 23 to 70 years on the degree to which lifestyle diseases had affected their family and close friends. The respondents reported the death of more than 250 people in their close circles, being an average of more than one death per respondent.

Broadway Bakery issues survey showing sugar is causing cancer, killing up to 28,000 Kenyans a year

Broadway Bakery Ltd today released a survey of scientific studies revealing that sugar is causing cancer, with sugar in hot beverages alone linked to increased incidences of colonic and rectal cancer, and sugar recently found to be a trigger and accelerator for breast cancer. Broadway Bakery issued the survey at a time when Kenyans are among the highest consumers of sugar in the developing world.
“Kenyans are becoming more aware of the high risk of diabetes caused by excessive sugar consumption, but we believe that few have yet realised that sugar is, itself, directly carcinogenic,” said Mr. Bimal Shah, Managing Director of Broadway Bakery, which has launched its own privately funded public education campaign to raise awareness in an effort to slow the soaring death toll being caused by excessive sugar consumption in Kenya.

Breakfast chief culprit in Kenya’s diabetes crisis, states Broadway Bakery

Kenya is suffering a diabetes crisis that is set to paralyse the country’s health system in coming years and is being driven by excessive sugar consumption in breakfasts, according to Broadway Bakery Ltd. Director Mr Bimal Shah, who has today called on food manufacturers to reduce the sugar content in their products.


Currently, Kenyans consume some 60 grams of sugar a day compared with Tanzanians who consume a typical 23 grams a day. In India, citizens typically consume just 5 grams of sugar a day, while the Chinese average just over 15 grams a day.


Broadway Bakery launches #BeSugarSmart campaign, attacking Kenya’s sugar spectra

Broadway Bakery Ltd. is today launching a countrywide campaign calling on Kenyans to abandon sugar habits that are killing them, in a drive that the bakery has embedded into its own production by offering bread with low levels of sugar content.

“Our bread making has been driven by the mission of creating healthier bread, with low sugar, salt and fat content, no added additives and dough that is rich in essential nutrients and fibre across energy, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals,” said Broadway Bakery Managing Director Mr. Bimal Shah.



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